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Gallery Folders

Liara T'Soni by KoshaKN7
Asari temptation by Falaryen
rtfm by LuckyFK
Time To Wake Up by BarbDBarb
Liara Autumn Casual Outfit (XPS) by Grummel83
Liara portrait by mindcvermatter
Liara T'Soni | Mass Effect by YunaAnn
NEON Dr. Liara T'Soni by Shaya-Fury
Peebee by MissBasha
Peebee by Less-L
Peebee by nesoun
Proof of Concept by steevinlove
Aethyta by Pythagasaurus
Regret by Servala
Mass Effect: Matriarch Aethyta by ruthiebutt
Matriarch Aethyta (Mass Effect) for XPS by Taleeze

Mature Content

Queen of Omega by Allkassar
Madam T'Loak by Allkassar
Aria T'Loak by Allkassar
[Halfway Home] The Ruler by Merween
Matriarch Benezia by DragonianFantasy
Matriarch Benezia by kleineHerz
ME: Benezia by Alteya
Matriarch Benezia by shallete
Natalie Dormer as Lexi T'perro by Shimylli
Smirking Lexi T'Perro by kmkibble75
Embrace Eternity by Yvana-Vim
Morinth by yuhime
Young Morinth by Prouzr
Rila and Falere
Rila by LowBassGuy
Falere and Rila (Mass Effect) for XPS by Taleeze
demon of the night wind by postcardsandroses
Screenshot of Rila - 2 by Servala
Samara by Less-L
Justicar by point-maitimo
Samara as a human. by Razz8
And the river grows inside of me by Fal3r3
Sha'ira the Consort
The Consort by LuckyFK
Shiala by SherwoodComics
Tevos by SyNcmE
Mass Effect: Treeya Nuwani - model for XnaLara by Sia-G
Wasea by Pythagasaurus
Trellani 2 by LuckyFK
Original Characters
Lysaia - Self-Admiration by ynorka
Romance and Erotica

Mature Content

Asari XVI by redz-3d
Family Life
Culinary Skills by BarbDBarb
Other Images
Moments That Are Worth To Remember by BarbDBarb
Fan Fiction

Mature Content

August 2014 Contest
It's Been Nice Waking Up Next To You by Just-Jasper
February 2014 Contest
Research by Panchima


Only Members can submit deviations to this group. To join, click on the appropriate link above.

Submit deviations to the correct folder. Deviations not submitted to the correct folder will be rejected, possibly with a suggestion as to where they should be filed.

The "Featured" folder is only for the Founder and admins to select what they consider to be the best deviations for everyone to appreciate. Members should not be able to submit deviations directly to that folder. If you somehow manage it, your deviation will be rejected with a suggestion as to where it should be filed.

Folders devoted to a single character (e.g., Liara or Aethyta) are for images (drawings, paintings, digital art, photo-manipulations) featuring that character. Other characters may be included, but the named character should be prominent in the image.

The "Original Characters" folder is for images of asari characters created by Mass Effect fans, whether named or not.

The "Romance and Erotica" folder is for images of asari characters paired with their love interests. See below for our policy regarding appropriate levels of erotic content.

The "Family Life" folder is for images of asari characters and their families. The end result of what we might see in the "Romance and Erotica" folder, as it were.

"Other Images," of course, is for images that don't fit any of the above categories. Asari in pairs or groups where no one character is featured, landscapes, and so on.

"Fan Fiction" is for fan-written literature featuring an asari as the narrator, protagonist, or other lead character.

More folders will be created as needed!

Material that is NOT appropriate for this group:
- Crude or cartoonish images. We're looking for a fairly well-developed artistic style, or at least clear evidence that you're working to develop such a style.
- Hard-core pornography. Tasteful nudity is fine, romantic or mildly erotic images are fine. Grossly distorted anatomy, graphic sex scenes, and so on are not. Not making any judgments here, but images like that are not to everyone's taste; this group is designed to create a "safe space" for people who have other preferences.
- Literature in which asari serve only as supporting characters. Your asari characters should be front and center, preferably the protagonist or narrator, so we can get some insight into how they're thinking and feeling.

If your deviation doesn't fit, please don't take that as a reflection on you! We may be able to suggest other groups where you'll be able to get a broad viewing.



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Asari: Wisdom. Elegance. Poise. They're the most fascinating aliens in the Mass Effect universe. This group is devoted to art and fiction celebrating the beauty and culture of Thessia's daughters.
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 30, 2013


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Fan Club

165 Members
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Okay, it looks as if the new asari squadmate for Andromeda is named "Pelessaria." (We had a nickname for her, "Peebee," months ago, but I was reluctant to rename the folder that since it was obviously not going to be her real name.)

I've renamed the folder and moved it up near the top of the list, right behind Liara. I suspect we're going to be seeing a lot of her!
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